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  Вопрос: Вышли обновления PBWIN 9.01 и PBCC 5.01 Добавлено: 08.03.09 12:11  

Автор вопроса:  alex
We're very pleased to announce PowerBASIC Console Compiler 5.01,
and PowerBASIC 9.01 For Windows! These are two important service
updates to our flagship products for the Win32 and Win64 platform.
They offer new features, as well as important enhancements to
performance and reliability issues for PB/CC 5.0 and PB/WIN 9.0.
Effective at once, these versions will be supplied for new purchases
of these products. We recommend that registered owners of the base
versions install this free PowerPack as soon as possible.

We've expanded the new CLIPBOARD functionality for additional, easy
to use data formats. Almost 200 new built-in equates put it all
at your fingertips. Tons of attractive new colors are pre-defined,
like %rgb_crimson, %rgb_firebrick, %rgb_seagreen, and %rgb_firebrick.
There's added functionality in the COMMON DIALOGS, and better COM
compatibility with other compilers. You can even include descriptive
equates in your COM Type Library: %MyEquate = &H1234 AS COM

There's more. Lots, lots more. And it's absolutely free to all
registered owners of PB/CC 5 and PB/WIN 9.

What is a PowerPack?

A simple update package you can download immediately. No waiting.
No fuss. In just minutes, you'll be up and running the latest
PowerBASIC! Of course, it requires a valid serial number, as well
as a current installation of PB/CC 5 or PB/WIN 9. Our PowerPack is
not a complete installation package, but one which just updates your
existing compilers. This concept allows an immediate download, with
no delays for manual verification.

You know, members of the PowerBASIC FORUMS already saw a preview of
this update, and they love it! You can join the forums, too, and be
among the first to know next time! So, why wait longer... Grab your
serial number and GOTO: Click FORUMS,
then choose PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENTS and download today!

So, will this update cost you big bucks? With most software, I
imagine it would cost plenty. But not today...

This PowerBASIC Update is absolutely free!

While you're there? Check out our new forum software. It's amazing!
Now with over 300,000 contributions from good PowerBASIC programmers
just like you! Every PB question now has a great answer! <click> FORUMS

Would you prefer a complete installation CD? That's available, too!
For just $15 ($4 s&h), we'll send you a complete PowerBackUp CD for
any PowerBASIC product. Software downloads are fast, efficient, and
fill your needs today. But nothing beats a CD for secure storage.

Just in case you're one of the few... who hasn't yet upgraded to the
latest compilers -- Stay with me for a minute?

Now is the time to move. Full product purchases are just $199 and $169.
Pretty refreshing compared to some of the $2,000-$5,000 prices from the
competition! If you qualify for an upgrade, you can still take advantage
of special pricing. Upgrade PB/WIN 8 to PowerBASIC 9.0 for just $99 --
upgrade PB/CC 4 to PB/CC 5.0 for just $89! There is no reason to wait...
today is the day to upgrade.

Of course, PB/CC is our Console Compiler -- creates programs with a
text mode user interface. Easy to use. Easy to port from DOS. It's
the perfect solution for CGI Internet applications. Any time you want
pure performance and nothing more! PowerBASIC 9 for Windows gives you
the "look and feel" of a graphical user interface (GUI), the essence
of Windows. Frankly, they've both taken a big leap forward.

PowerBASIC with Objects

You'll get COM Objects, Internal Objects, Methods, Properties, Class
Methods, Constructors, Destructors, Inheritance with Method Overrides,
Encapsulation, Event Handlers (Dispatch and Direct), Instance variables,
and lots more. Even DISPATCH without Variants.

Automation servers? They don't get any easier. Type "AS COM", and
you'll get a COM Server! With DUAL interfaces... DISPATCH for
compatibility, and DIRECT for breathtaking speed. This isn't your
grandfather's COM OBJECT.

But the real beauty of PowerBASIC Objects? They're fast and tiny, just
like Subs and Functions! Absolutely NO BLOAT like the other guys. And,
Objects are optional. Use them when the time is right, continue using
great procedural code, or mix the techniques to suit your needs.

One last unique feature? COM objects typically make heavy use of the
registry. Every object, every CLSID, every IID, and more, usually needs
an entry in the registry. But, with PowerBASIC, you can avoid that
entirely! Regardless of how or where a COM object was created, you can
access it with PowerBASIC, even if it's not registered! Finally, you
can keep COM objects completely private, if that's what you need.

Ready now? GOTO -- <click> PURCHASE

Inline ASM gets a whole new look... ASM supports every Intel opcode,
even the latest FPU and SSE/SIMD forms. You can even use #ALIGN to
give your BASIC and ASM code the ultimate performance edge. For a
quicker approach, just use #OPTIMIZE to select your preference for

PB/WIN has an amazing new set of controls. There's built-in LISTVIEW,
complete set of handler functions make them soooooo... easy to use!
Speaking of handler functions, COMBOBOX, LISTBOX, and SCROLLBAR have
been greatly expanded. COMMON DIALOGS are built-in, too. You'll find
right at your fingertips. Even a complete IMAGELIST function, with ADD

Order it now? GOTO -- <click> PURCHASE

The new FONTS are great. Open dozens at a time, switch them in a flash.
Use many different fonts, on the same DDT Dialog, with CONTROL SET FONT.
You can specify precision sizes with fractional points. Then, choose
the exact CHARSET you need, and rotate the characters with a PITCH and
ESCAPEMENT. CLIPBOARD functions let you read, write, or reset the
ClipBoard, and DIR$() can return every last bit of directory data.

How about better debugging? #DEBUG CODE can be toggled for efficiency,
while #DEBUG DISPLAY posts untrapped errors at run-time. ERL$ is used
much like ERL, but it returns the names of Subs, Functions, Methods,
and Labels that were executed. IDISPINFO provides all sorts of real
information about DISPATCH errors.

Compound operators offer a great shortcut. "x! += y!" is a direct
replacement for "x! = x! + y!", and can be used with all arithmetic
operators, and bitwise operators, too. (AND/OR/XOR,etc.) The BITSE()
function compares for bits equality, regardless of whether the params
are signed or unsigned. A huge help when you aren't sure if a message
number is signed or not. BUILD$(a$,b$,c$,d$) concatenates any number
of string parameters at much greater speed than standard operators.
You'll find you can create a THREAD with a different stack size, and

Convinced yet? GOTO -- <click> PURCHASE

Then there's a slew of GRAPHIC functions for both GRAPHIC CONTROLS and
GRAPHIC WINDOWS. There are keyboard handlers like GRAPHIC LINE INPUT,
STRETCH MODES, and more. Lots more XPRINT, too. There's XPRINT COLLATE,
and even more. What could you be missing?

GLOBALMEM allocates global memory. SHELL can return the exit code. TIX
can benchmark to a CPU cycle count. And then there's ISFILE(), ISWIN(),
return a specific parameter, while #INCLUDE ONCE won't allow a repeat.
There's #BREAK to disable control-break, and EXE$ to tell you all about
the name and path of the current program.

PATHNAME$() parses a file path/name into all of its component parts,
while PATHSCAN$() searches drives to find a file and its parts.

There's more... lots more. But I think you get the idea. These are
two very hot compilers, and you should look into it right now. The
complete documentation for both PB/CC 5 and PB/WIN 9 can be found right
on the PowerBASIC Web Site! Every word of Doc and a very complete
description of ALL THAT'S NEW! To see 100% complete manuals:

GOTO -- <click> HELP DESK

You'll find everything you need to know to make an informed decision.
PB/WIN 9.0 is priced at $199, while PB/CC 5.0 is just $169.

Upgrades from versions 8 and 4 are just $99 and $89 respectively, Of
course, PowerBASIC Forms 1.5 (our visual designer) is available at
just $99.

You can order right now by replying to this email. You can call us
today at (888)659-8000 or (941)408-8700, or fax us at (941)408-8820.

You can visit to place an e/order on
our secure web site, or even mail an order to our offices. But no
matter what method you choose, do it today and do it with confidence.
Every product PowerBASIC ships for physical delivery is offered with a
money-back guarantee for a full 30 days from the transaction date


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 Профиль | | #1 Добавлено: 20.03.09 14:20
Ссылка для обновлений (9.00->9.01, 5.00->5.01) - PLEASE !!!


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 Профиль | | #2 Добавлено: 24.04.09 10:40
Обновление PBWIN 9.01 и PBCC 5.01 (с ключеделками!) можно взять на _


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